Women's Long Sleeve Viscose Cotton Pajamas

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The women's long sleeve viscose cotton pajamas are a comfortable and versatile sleepwear option. Made from a blend of viscose and cotton, these pajamas offer a soft and breathable fabric that promotes a comfortable night's sleep.

The long sleeve design provides added warmth and coverage, making them suitable for cooler nights or those who prefer more coverage during sleep. The sleeves also offer a cozy and snug fit.

With their viscose cotton blend, the pajamas offer a combination of comfort and durability. Viscose provides a silky and smooth feel, while cotton adds breathability and softness.

The pajama set includes a long sleeve top and matching bottoms. The relaxed fit of the top and pants allows for ease of movement during sleep, ensuring a comfortable and unrestricted experience.

In summary, the women's long sleeve viscose cotton pajamas offer a comfortable and versatile sleepwear option; these pajamas provide a cozy and breathable ensemble for a restful night's sleep.